Blue Skies and MI’s


If you have migrated over from ER Jedi, thanks for making the trip..

It’s been just over two years since I sat down to write about the musings and misadventures of life in the ER and a lot has happened since then. I’ve finished residency, and almost finished my first year as an attending physician. It’s been a hell of a year, in the best possible sense. It’s been hard, terrifying, rewarding, enlightening, plus just about any other adjective you can think of, and I wanted to start writing again before I forgot the details, the highs, and the lows, both of the past 11 moths and my last year of residency. As always, I welcome your comments and discussion. With that out of the way…

I still love this job. Seriously. It was nearly an 9 year process to get here, and while those 9 years were a black hole of books, exams, and training, that light at the end of tunnel turned out to be a burning sun illuminating green pastures and rivers flowing with milk and honey. Well, maybe it’s not all THAT great, but it times it gets near it. Like yesterday, a 12 hour shift the was choc full of emergency medicine goodness. A  1cm wood shard stuck in a guys eyeball, electrocuting a heart back into a normal rhythm, bringing back the blue and breathless with 0.4mg of buzz killing deliciousness, a case of nec fasc! It was magical! The team was in high spirits, cracking jokes all shift long, supplies were stocked, the patients were pleasant, polite and grateful, it was just a great shift. I think you know you have a great job, when you work a non stop 12 hour shift, and you want to keep going past the end. Or you’re just a masochist. One or the other.


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