Trauma Haiku’s

Courtesy of Joe Lex

Siren in driveway
Two more devastated moms
Section C, page 5

“Two dudes smacked my head…
…What board? What collar? F**k you!!”
“Ten of Haldol, stat.”

“What meds do you take?”
“I takes a purple heart pill.”
“I drive a green car.”

and from others:
Way too much to drink
Ninety to nil, no more fun,
the wall always wins.

I am not quite sure
how I got it in there, Doc.
Just get it out now.

Ouch! Kicked in the head
Longhorns are very good moms
Defensive of calf

Young dude with back pain
Three ER visits today
More ibuprofen

Grandma tripped on cat
Left leg turned out quite badly
Hip replacement

I SAID, I just fell
I think I went unconscious
NO, I was NOT drunk

“Just two beers,” he said.
T-boned, “f*ck you, EMS”
No more erections


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